Product management tool for SaaS companies

It’s how you ship better product  the smart way

The end-to-end product management tool. Capture customer feedback. Prioritise what to build next. Communicate direction with a roadmap.

Essential features to empower product teams to build products customers want.

Capture feedback insights

Build up a library of feedback insights form your customers, leads and team mates.

Organise product ideas

Stay on top of your product ideas by capturing, organising and prioritisting ideas.

Build product roadmap

Make your product roadmap public and embrace product direction transparency.

End to information silos

Finally a place where it all comes together

Keep product feedback, ideas and roadmaps in one place and share it with your team and customers to foster transparency and drive engagement.

  • Centralize customer feedback
  • Increase customer engagement

Put an end to guesswork

Understand, prioritise and build what your customers really want

This is product roadmap done right. Plan execution, monitor implementation progress and share publicly what you want.

  • Eye-catching and real-time roadmaps
  • Straight forward prioritisation

Stop keeping your ideas in a notebook

Product ideas repository you've always wanted

Stay on top of product ideas in one place, identify priorities and ship the most impactful features.

  • Surface high-impact ideas
  • Prioritise ideas based on feedback

Understand, prioritise and build what your customers want

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  • Customer driven roadmaps
  • Effortless prioritisation

What to expect from Stagrant

We have a lot in store for you and rest assured, it's just the beginning of your journey. Here's a sneak-peak into wha and coming after beta.

Spark up a conversation

Complete feedback cycle by communicate with supporters. Collect more suggestions and engage in one-on-one conversations to keep customers engaged.

Embrace prioritisation

Identify priorities based on collected feedback and estimate effort required before starting implementation. Ship customer-driven features!

Changelog and release notes

Save time by automatically notify supporters and customers  about latest features to drive engagement and keep feedback loop tight.

Product objectives

Keep everyone on the product team aligned by establish objectives oriented around product strategy and customers needs.

We're just getting started

Our goal is to empower companies to make insightful product decisions by creating efficient and productive tools through high quality and well designed software. Interested? Join our waitlist to get early access and help us shape the future of Stagrant!

We can't wait to share Stagrant with you in 2021. Until then, join the waitlist for the beta access.

We build Stagrant to make SaaS product management less stressful and empower companies to build better products. We can't wait to share you what we're building. Join the waitlist for beta access.

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